Our Product Categories

We provide our customers with highly durable products that age well. We ensure all our products undergo strict quality checks, and are at par with world-class standards to provide value to our customers. Our offerings include;

High Ankle Safety Boots

Steel & fibre toe cap   |   Anti-puncture & Anti-slip   |   Shock absorption   |   Oil & Acid resistant properties

Great if you're just starting out or you want a dependable all-rounder, the rule of full grain leather boots. Carok will help you find a robust boot that looks good, ages well, and will survive a downpour. Our boots have much higher ankle support, often over-the-ankle and are usually thicker, which can help guard against ankle twists and sprains, as well as cuts, scrapes, and bangs.

Sneaker Safety Shoes

Steel & fibre toe cap   |   Anti-puncture & Anti-slip   |   Shock absorption   |   Lightweight & well-ventilated properties

Having adequate support is incredibly important when it comes to choosing the right protective footwear.

Safety Manager Shoes

Steel toe cap   |   Anti-puncture & Anti-slip   |   Shock absorption   |   Oil & Acid resistant properties

High Cut Boots

Offering more protection than shoes or sandals, boots can be associated with increased discipline and self protection.

Various types and Colors

For All Industries

Lifetime Guarantee

Reflector vests, Long & Short Coveralls

Protective Vests   |   Reflectors   |   Coveralls  |   Night-visibility

High-quality reflective vests using the principle of refraction, guarantee and very good reflection arc, even at night. High-quality long and short coveralls for maximum protection with Good reflection that can also be used at night.

Helmet & Cones

The safety helmets are made of quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a common thermoplastic material with excellent impact resistance and toughness.

Professional quality Reflective and Non-Reflective Cone. Traffic cones come in a series of diffirent colors to suit the work required.

Hands & Respiratory protective gear

Hand gloves   |   Nose masks   |   Respiratory protective gear

Visibility & Communication gear

Ear protection gear   |   Body harness   |   Fall protection gear   |   Wireless Intercom

Fire Fighting & First-Aid Essentials

Fire Estinguishers   |   First Aid Kits

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